We've had a fussy baby the past 48 hours and I am not liking it. I can deal with the fussiness but it hurts me to see Tylee not feel good and I miss my smiling little girl. I know this highly goes against the pictures I posted below but I'm only getting smiles for about 5 minutes between naps rather than all day long. I only have a couple more days at home with her and I want them to be the best they can be. I'm glad I'm still home to comfort her while she isn't feel great but I'm sad I'm missing out on little miss personality.

Tylee has also found her hands this past week. I fill out a paper every month at her well-baby check-up about what she is doing developmentally. One of the questions was, "Does she look at her hands and bring them together to touch?" I circled "No" and it seemed like she started as soon as we got home. However, she doesn't just bring them together to touch. She brings them together up at her mouth to suck on. Slober, slober, slober! Guess that just means we get to wear a few more cute outfits each day. :-)

Game Day

Tylee is all geared up for Game Day today! Daddy is taking a nap and she can't hardly wait for him to wake up and show him how cute she looks all dolled up in her Nebraska gear.



We are about 6.5 hours into having our 2 month shots and so far, so good. I gave her some Tylenol before we left the house and it put her right to sleep. She woke up as we were getting her out of the carseat and getting propped up on the table. I hated it cause she always wakes up so happy! I made it through the shots without having to hold her down. As soon as they were finished I got to sweep her into my arms and be the hero. :-) She calmed down fast and went right back to sleep. We've had a few fussy little fits in between naps but overall, she is doing good. I miss my happy, smiling little girl but as long as she is comfortable sleeping, I'm okay with that.

Look at those rolls in her leg!

Some of Tylee's 0-3 month outfits from the Gap are kinda snug. So I got to thinking that maybe some of the Gap 3-6 month clothes would fit now. I have all the summer outfits hanging in the closet but never even thought to try them because her Carter's 0-3 month clothes fit perfectly. I put on a little white/yellow Tommy Hilfiger Romper and was so excited when it fit! She looked so cute. I was planning on getting a few pictures but we had a little accident and it got messy (as did Mommy's jeans, the blanket, and the couch). So...I got out another 3-6 month romper and yet again, it fits great. Our little porker is moving through these clothes awful fast! I'm excited! It's like I just got 30 new outfits all at once and can't wait to put her in all of them! Speaking of clothing....

Close Ups

I don't know why but I love these close up shots. I love her eyes.

Weird tongue thing we've been doing lately


2 Months Old


Our Big Girl

Tylee had her 2 month check-up today. She weighed 12lbs 8 oz! She is in the 95th percentile for weight and 75th percentile for height and head circumference. Everything checked out well and we go again at 4 months. We have shots scheduled in Parsons on Thursday. Tylee nor Mommy are not looking forward to those. Hopefully Tj is home and can go to help hold her down.

She was kinda fussy at Tj's Mom last week and we were wondering if she was having separation issues, feeding issues, or sleeping issues. It it kinda pick and choose at this point. I asked the doctor how much a 2 month old should be eating and he said 4 to 5 ounces every three hours. Tylee has been eating between 6 and 7 ounces since her very first bottle. He asked if she spit-up afterwards and said sometimes a baby will take that much, then spit quite a bit up later. Nope, Miss Piggy eats it all, keeps it all down, and wants more 3 hours later on the dot. I don't think feeding is the issue. We'll focus on the other two when she starts back full-time next week.

She is doing such a great job holding her head up so we got out the Jumparoo again. She LOVED it. She sat in it for over an hour just looking at the lights and talking back to the noises. It was too cute. Tj was so excited.


Tummy Time


1st Day of the Rest of My Life

My first day of work went better than I thought it would go but was still pretty rough. A couple people have told me that the 1st day is the worst and I survived. I cried most of the night Wednesday night but Tylee was all smiles. It was like she knew I was sad and was telling me it was okay. It just made me cry more because I knew I was going to miss her so much. I woke up Thursday morning and was okay until we got ready to leave the house. I started crying when we went in and told Daddy good-bye but pulled it together on the way to town. I almost lost it again as we were going over rules but made it through. I felt a sigh if relief as I pulled away and hoped the worst was over.

It felt really good walking into Twin Valley and sitting down at my desk. As I sorted through some papers and tried to get a plan for the day, I realized that my plan didn't include feeding or changing a diaper for 8 hours. I could go to the Post Office or walk to the bank without wondering who was going to watch Tylee. I could go into the Quick Stop and get something to drink without lugging the carseat in. It was a weird sense of freedom for a whole 8 hours.

I was glad to walk in and see my baby girl at 5:00pm. I was hoping to be greeted with smiles but instead just got a blank look. She fell asleep on the way home and slept until it was time to eat around 9:00pm. I got a few smiles and coos after she ate and then it was off to bed for the both of us. Friday went just as well but this time I was greeted with smiles at the front door. I even almost got a giggle cause she was so excited to see me. It was definately a squeal but I probably can't consider it a giggle quite yet. That made all my sadness disapear. :-)


Leaving Arkansas

Well, we made it home from Arkansas and it was the perfect end to maternity leave. It was nice to relax, not worry about little things needing done around the house, and nice to have a break from day-to-day life. We left around noon yesterday and made a stop in Springfield. We ate at Lamberts and went to Bass Pro. We got Tj some stuff and Tylee a new outfit. Our 5 hour drive home took about 9 hours but we made quite a few stops between there and here.

Tylee has been growing like a weed. Her 6 month outfit we bought at Bass Pro is pretty snug. We pooped on every outfit while in Arkansas so I decided to switch to size 2 diapers. I'm not sure that is the problem but it was either open another size 1 box (100 diapers) or go ahead and switch to size 2. We'll see how that works out for us. We've also started having hair troubles. It is coming out in clumps off the back of her head from her wiggling around. It is all matted up within minutes of laying her down after her bath. I wish I could stop it but I don't have a solution. Any ideas? Lastly, she has started gagging herself with her fingers. I mostly notice it first thing in the morning when she is first waking up and hungry. I always grab them away and stick in her binky but she is doing it more and more.

I'm going in to work tomorrow and Friday to get a few things lined out before I go back full time after Labor Day. As soon as I got everything figured out for sure I got sick to my stomach but am dealing with it okay after it's soaked in. It isn't even like I'm back full-time or have to even stay all day but the reality of going back is definately soaking in. Wish me luck! It's gonna be tough.
Tylee's New Outfit


Vacation Update

I actually know where we are now. We are at the base of the Dam off of Bull Shoals Lake on the White River. Because yesterday, I had no idea. :-) I made it to town yesterday to get some groceries. Luckily we found a town before I wasted away. Haha. Tj was at the Cabin when we got back and we went for a drive. We drove across the Dam and went through the campgrounds. Everything is so pretty. It has confirmed my dream to retire and buy a camper. (I'd actually like to buy a camper now but Tj has no interest...or maybe just better things to buy.) When we got back from our tour, Dusty took me out on the boat. It is BEAUTIFUL. The pictures that I posted at the bottom of my post yesterday are from down on the water. I could've sat there all day but Tylee got hungry and Daddy doesn't have a food source. They got off the water around dark, we cooked a good meal, and headed to bed so the fishermen could get up early. I'm really enjoying these last few days with Tylee and I don't mind that I don't have to share her with anyone. Only one more week off work. I'm starting to get anxious about leaving but excited to get back to a routine.

I see no resemblance...
Better picture of Tylee

Better of Scenery

Cute picture...double chins and all

Daddy and Dusty
2nd Batch of Fish for the Day


Little Did I Know

About an hour after I posted about Tylee being a World Traveler Tj got a wild hair and wanted to drive 5 hours to Arkansas, stay in a cabin on the river, and go Trout fishing. And here we are. I called to see if they had openings at 4:07 and we were in the truck pulling down the lane at 5:17. And I had to pack the whole house. Tj and his friend just pulled away up the river on the boat, Tylee is asleep in her swing, and I'm sitting on the porch of our cabin: birds chirping, deer on the lawn, I can see the river rolling, not another person in sight...on the Internet. Kinda ruins the mood, huh? Haha. It's really pretty down here but I don't know what I'm going to do until the boys get back. I guess I'm going to try to find a town and get something to grill tonight but the last town I remember going through was a LONG ways away. The only thing in the fridge is V8 and Bud Light. And I'm hungry...

Our Cabin

The Lodge

Baby Deer in the front yard this morning

Tylee watching Daddy pull out on the boat

Tylee's Nursery

She didn't mind..she slept all night!