Our Little Bambino

A day in the life of Tylee...

Our baby girl is 4 days old and so far is the perfect baby. I don't think we could be any luckier. She took right to breastfeeding and we haven't had any problems with that at all. I guess it can be quite the chore but we were lucky and got a little piggy. She eats for about 30 minutes at a time and is only eating every 4 hours. Even then, I'm usually waking her up to get her to eat. As soon as she is done eating we wrap her up and lay her down. She just lays there and looks around until she falls back asleep. She hasn't been fussy or grumpy one time since we've been home. I hope I'm not jinxing myself for a long night tonight. As you can tell, my posts are getting shorter but I'm still trying to keep track of everything on here so I can transfer it to her baby book. And of course, to keep all of our oh-so-interested readers informed. Haha.


1st Bath

1st Night Home

We got to leave the hospital around 6:00 last night. We weren't sure if anyone was coming over and Tylee was sound asleep so we stopped at Wal-mart on our way home and got a couple things we needed. It was really, really strange going somewhere in the "real world" and not having her close to me. She didn't cry at all on the way home and seemed to enjoy her carseat. We got home and tried to show Dutch. He didn't care in the least. He just wanted to play ball.

We got settled and she started getting hungry around 9:30. I fed her and we all went to bed around 10:30pm. She woke up at 2am and ate and again at 6am. We went back to sleep at 7am and slept until 9am! We couldn't have asked for a better first night at home with our beautiful baby girl. I hope we continue to be this lucky!


Heading Home

Unconditional Love

I fell asleep last night after I fed Tylee and when I woke up, she was gone and all the lights were shut off. This nervous feeling came over me and I grabbed my phone to see what time it was. I knew the nurse would be in soon with our baby girl and I was so anxious to see her. Another couple had delivered at some point in the night and I kept hearing their baby crying and I wanted ours so bad! I almost called the nurse to have her bring her to me but I knew that would be the dumbest thing I ever did. I kept telling myself to go back to sleep but I couldn't. Tylee must've sensed that I missed her because the nurse came in 45 minutes early cause she was hungry. :-)

I can't stop thinking about her as she grows and turns into a little girl. I keep wondering if she'll have my curly hair and can't wait until she is paddling around in cute little dresses. The feeling of having our baby here and knowing that she is a healthy little girl is overwhelming. I was looking back at the sonogram pictures and even my 22 week pregnancy pictures...it was her in there! All the hiccups and twists and turns were her! It is such an amazing, amazing feeling. I went downstairs today and when I got on the elevator it kinda jumped. I instantly felt vulnerable because it is not just me anymore. I'm not just looking out for myself. Someone else in this world needs me and I have to take care of myself for her. I'm sure many more heartfelt moments are in our near future as parents but if something as small as the elevator jolting made me think about Tylee, I can't wait to see what is to come!! Ah, I can't wait.


Day 2 Photos!

FYI: I posted Tylee's Birth Story below. It isn't that interesting but is an imporant part for her scrapbook. :-)


Well, Tylee will be 24 hours old in a few minutes and she is doing great. Tj and I are doing great too. We sent her to the nursery last night around 10pm so that we could sleep. I was sore but still couldn't really feel everything so was able to get a good nights rest. She ate again at 2am and then at 6am. When they dropped her off at 6am, she ate, and I woke Tj up to help me put her back in her bassinet. He told me to just call the nurse and go back to sleep. The nurses will only take them from 10:00pm to 6:00am. That was his first experience with fatherhood. :-)

She has been so good. We are trying our best not to hold her 24/7 so that she doesn't get spoiled. She slept for 4 hours today after her 10am feeding in her bassinet all by herself. I need to learn to sleep when the baby sleeps but it was nice to just have some time with Tj and relax. I got up and showered and feel lots better. High hopes of going home tomorrow. Keep your fingers crossed! I plan on updating with the birth story but haven't had an uninterrupted section of time for awhile. Better get used to that, huh?


One Happy Family

Tylee Jo Trollope
8 lbs 8 oz
22.5 inches

Birth Story

We went to the doctor at 9:30am on Tuesday morning, June 24th. Dr. Sohaie checked me and although I was contracting a little, I was still fully closed. She told us to head to the hospital at 3pm. That would have left us in Independence for 5 hours. We decided to go to Bartlesville and go to the mall to kill some time. We went to the mall and walked around, went to the Honda shop, and went and ate lunch.

We checked in around 3pm and they started my IV. We started the Cervadil around 5pm and our families came to visit and keep us company. I thought I would get a good nights rest but the contractions started shortly after bedtime. I was having all back labor. The nurse said that I would most likely have back labor because the baby was face-up and as soon as she flipped that it should relieve some pain. She never flipped. :-( I labored all night and it just got progressively worse. I just knew when they took out the Cervadil and checked me that I had to be a 4 or a 5.

They took the Cervadil out around 4:30am and I was still completely closed. I'm gonna say that is the point I started preparing myself to have a C-section. There was no way that I could be in that much pain and still be at a 0. They let me shower and started the Putocin at 5am. The contractions just got stronger from there. I fought it so hard because I really didn't want to be a wimp. I've had plenty of surgeries and really thought I had a high pain tolerance but nothing I've been through compares to back labor. Nothing. I finally caved (cried) and asked for them to call the doctor to get me something for pain. They gave me something in my IV and I was able to sleep for about an hour in between contractions.

The doctor came at 8am and she could tell I was in bad shape. She said she would be back at noon to check me. They gave me two rounds of pain meds but they weren't really helping. Actually, what I was feeling from 8 to noon was what I pictured labor to be. I was on my side in bed, wincing and moaning through each contraction. The lights were shut off and my room was quiet. Things were bad but tolerable.

The doctor came back at noon to check me and things went downhill fast from there. I had been on Putocin for 6 hours now and was still not dialated. I had already had my max of pain meds so I was just suffering from then on. Things weren't looking good. Dr. Sohaie called me around 1pm and I barely remember talking to her. She told me she would go ahead and give me my epidural but warned me that I only had 8 hours after they put it in. From 1:00 to 2:30ish was the LONGEST hour and a half in my whole entire life. My contractions were 2 or 3 minutes apart and I had no pain meds. To top all that off, I was throwing up about every 10 minutes.

Dr. Sohaie and Dr. Hanson (the anesthiologist) got there about the same time. Dr. Hanson gave me my Epidural and I felt 100X's better within seconds. I wasn't overly worried about it anyways but it didn't hurt at all. Dr. Sohaie checked me again and I still wasn't dialated. That is when we decided on the C-section. She said I could labor for a few more hours if I wanted but she didn't see anything happening. I was having back labor cause the baby was face-up and because of my surgeries, it was just way too hard on me. We scheduled the C-section for 3:30.

Our families were crying and nervous but Tj and I were just ready. It had been a very long couple days. They wheeled me down and scrubbed him in. It was the weirdest thing that I have ever experienced. I don't remember a whole lot but I remember it smelling gross when they cut me. It smelled like burnt skin/hair. That is when I started throwing up again. Haha. Everyone got really excited at one point and the anesthiologist told us it was a girl. I looked at Tj and asked him if he was okay. He shook his head yes and we both started crying. Our baby girl was here and healthy!! I remember the nurse saying, "Chelse! You could braid her hair!!" Tj started getting sick at that point and left the room. That is when they put me to sleep to finish things up.

I woke up in recovery about 20 minutes later. They finished monitoring me and wheeled me upstairs. I couldn't even feel my arms. I can't really explain what it was like seeing her for the first time. I was numb and tired and sick...it just wasn't that picture perfect movie scene that you see. However, I think I fall in love with her more every second.

The Answer is Yes

Yes, it is 3am and yes, I am posting. Tj is sleeping and I'm wide awake...have been all night. Turns out I was having contractions Monday night but when she checked me this morning I was still completely closed. Apparently that lower back pain I've been having is back labor...which unfortunately I am all too familiar with now. They got the Cervadil started around 6pm. I thought I would feel fine all night and the putocin would make me start contracting in the morning. My contractions got stronger within a couple hours and are progressively getting worse. I wouldn't say I need my Epidural yet but boy do some of these hurt. It is common for the Mama to have back labor when the baby is facing up. Say a little prayer that it rolls over soon. If I'm not dialated at all I'm going to really feel like a wimp. Here comes another one...


The Night Before

Tj was slouching so I look extra big.

Here goes nothing!

First off, I talked to Jayci this morning and she had the best news! She went in to be induced (almost 2 years ago to the day!) and her cervix hadn't started effacing at all. They started her Cervadil at 8:00pm and she had Royce by 8:30 the next morning. Once they got things going her body kicked in and did it natural from there. They never had to start the Putocin. I don't know why I've been so nervous about delivery. I guess I just always expect the worse so I'm not disapointed if things don't work out. And also...if things go better than expected, I'm even happier cause I had it mapped out in my head to be bad! I know several people who have been induced and they have perfect birth stories. It's just that my last two friends that have delivered have had bad inductions and I'm nervous. I really needed to hear all that this morning. Thanks Jayc.

So! I'm 100% ready. The floors are swept, everything is vaccumed, all the laundry is done, the sink is empty, the dishwasher is empty, the trash is empty...what else? Although I would've rather had things happen on their own, it feels so good to have everything done and my house in order. Our bags are packed, the scrapbook is ready for guest signing and footprints, the carseat is installed, heck, even the Jeep is washed and cleaned out. Tj and I are headed out to dinner so the next time I post I will either be in labor from the hospital bed or after baby Trollope is here! If the hospital doesn't have WiFi then I will update through Twitter and get pictures posted ASAP.

Here is a recap of the plan: Doctors appointment at 9:30am tomorrow. Depending on my cervix, we will either check in after lunch or late tomorrow night. They will start the Putocin first thing Wednesday morning. Here goes nothing!


Getting Nervous!

My plan was to enjoy today and clean tomorrow but Tj's new work schedule is throwing that off. He got a new job that will last for several weeks and has been working nights since Friday. The upside to this is that he is in the yard in Parsons so he won't be far away in case I need him. There are several different shifts that he could get called for but of course, he has been getting the night shift. So, as he is crawling into bed, I'm crawling out. This has made for a very lonely and boring weekend. Not what I was hoping for on our last weekend sans baby.

I had a couple different nervous moments today. Tj woke up and went to town to replace the brakes on his truck and didn't get home until around 4:00. I looked up at the clock and at that point realized that the day was almost over. I instantly got nervous because that means one day left. One. While Tj was gone I cleaned our bedroom/bath, the hall bath, the spare room, and the nursery. I figured we could live in those rooms the next couple nights without messing them up too bad. I'm not going to clean the front room until tomorrow night because it tends to get messy when we are home. So I got the Pack-n-Play out of the nursery closet and set it up in our bedroom next to the bed. Seeing it all set up was my other nervous moment for the day. It was just kinda the final step in getting ready for the baby and it is done! Aaah!

I'm really and truly not nervous about the baby itself. I'm not nervous about bringing it home, crying, dirty diapers, or lack of sleep. I know life is about to change drastically and I'm not nervous about that either. I am more than ready to meet our little baby and to hold him/her in my arms. I can't wait to spend the rest of my life loving him/her unconditionally. I am SO excited for that!! Ah, I can't wait!

However, I am nervous about the delivery and pray that our baby makes it into the world without any complications and is 100% healthy. I don't have a birthing plan and am honestly up for anything. I don't have things mapped out in my head of the way I want everything to go. I guess that way I'm not setting myself up for disapointment. I've been at all three of my sisters deliveries and learned that there is no reason to have a plan because it will most likely be ruined. Lindsey went into the hospital on September 24th with Brecca and Brecca's birthday is on September 28th. (It was a long 4 days!) I guess I'm nervous about this because I really like to be in control and I will be in the hands of someone else from start to finish with no idea as to what happens next. I don't want anything to be an emergency and hope to have some down time to digest everything. I hope that nothing is rushed or goes so fast that I'm scared. I don't care if I have a C-section but don't want it to happen in a matter of minutes. I don't want to dialate so fast that the doctor isn't there and everyone is rushing around. I don't want the baby's heartrate to drop in my final moments of pushing and hear nervousness in the doctors voice. I know that no one wants these things to happen to them but unfortunately they do and that is what makes me nervous. I just hope the baby cooperates, is healthy, and everything goes smoothly. Do babies ever cooperate?


1st Day Off

Can I really do this for 8 weeks? I mean, I know we are going to have a baby in a few days but today was my first day on maternity leave and I was so bored! Tj got home from work around 6am and crawled into bed as I crawled out. I came out to the living room to watch the news and fell back asleep until around 9:00. I let Dutch outside and sat on the front porch for 20 minutes or so watching the cows. Ha. It was about an hour and a half into my first day off work and I didn't have anything to do next. I could've loaded the dishwasher or started laundry but I can do that tomorrow. I could've swept the floor or wrote in the baby book but I can do that tomorrow. I've got to get out of that mindset or I'll be bored all the time and nothing will get done. Tj woke up and mowed the yard and I finally made it to town to pick up some last minute things at Wal-mart before the baby. I bought an SD Card for my camera and toenail polish to touch up my flowers on my toes. Haha. That is honestly all I needed. I bought some salad, bakers potatoes and corn and then went to Timber Creek (the meat market) and bought Tj a Porterhouse. I haven't been able to eat meat since getting pregnant. I don't know why but a steak or a grilled chicken breast is just bleh to me. I can eat processed meat or ground meat but that is all. Anyways, I was so excited to make him a nice dinner and he got called to work before I even got home! I won't lie, I cried. Haha. Emotions, emotions, emotions. So, little baby, HURRY UP so mama has someone to entertain her (other than Daddy and Dutchy)!

Thanks to everyone for all your texts and emails. I really appreciate all the support and you guys really have made me feel so much better about delivering late.

40+ Weeks

I forgot to post this the other day.


Last week + some days...

I'm frustrated I'm even typing this...

Sunday: Another boring day. Woke up, layed out, ate lunch, layed out some more, cleaned the back 5 rooms, made dinner, watched TV, went to bed.

Saturday: Got out of bed as Tj was crawling in again. Why is he getting all these night shifts? So I had the whole day to myself again. I layed out and read "What to Expect When You are Expecting: Labor and Delivery". Came inside, cleaned a little, watched TV, woke up Tj, watched more TV, took a nap, made dinner, Tj got called to work again, went to bed with Dutchy. Very boring day but felt really, really good. It's nice to just lay around. I took some Tylenol before bed and slept really, really good.

Friday: Slept okay Thursday night but had aches and pains and just couldn't get comfortable. I've had quite a bit of lower back pain the past couple days. This doesn't make for a fun day paired with my achey hips, belly cramps, and the baby moving and kicking things it shouldn't. Today was my first day off. I didn't do much and feel like I ran a marathon. My back really hurts and my feet are swolen. Only a few more days. Thank Goodness.

Thursday: I didn't sleep very good last night. I had a lot of cramps and my hips hurt really bad throughout the night. Tj got called to go to work at 2am and woke me up. I never got back to sleep very good after that. I made it to work and finished up ALL my stuff. The baby has been moving around quite a bit and I am very uncomfortable. I don't know if I'm going to make it in to work tomorrow or not. I've been laying on the couch since I got home and plan on doing so for the rest of the evening.

Wednesday: I think labor is farther away now than ever. Slept fine and feel okay this morning. However, the week definately wears on me the farther along I go. Doctors appointment at 2:00. Keep your fingers crossed. I told the girls at work today that I'm not even excited about the baby anymore...or the sex or bringing it home. I just want to NOT be pregnant anymore. They told me I was lucky because most women reach that point of misery 6 weeks ago. I told the nurse the same thing and then asked if those feelings were normal or if I was a bad Mom. She said not to worry, they are normal. Then she said, "You are there. You are to that point. You weren't last week but I can tell you are there this week." If you've never been pregnant, you'll know what being "there" means when you get here. Haha.

Tuesday: I slept really good last night! Maybe THIS is my spurt of energy before I deliver. I think I went to the bathroom once and woke up to sunshine at 6am. If the sentence right below this one didn't say that I slept good because Tj was gone, I would say that I slept good because Tj was home and I had someone to curl up with. I think I just sleep good one night and bad the next and it has nothing to do with who is home or who is in bed with me. Cramping has disappeared completely as of 8am. Got off work and same 'ol, same 'ol. Dinner and bed.

Monday: Slept better Sunday night than I did all weekend. Probably cause Tj was gone and I had the whole bed to myself. Four is a crowd these days. (Me, Tj, Dutchy, and Baby) Woke up several times with some cramping but overall, slept good. These cramps are more like period cramps but are getting closer together and more regular. I honestly think it's getting closer. It's funny to look at my "milestones" and to think I was in labor way back when. Little did I know. Got off work, went to Wal-mart and did as much grocery shopping as we could (we plan on being away from the house for a few days sometime soon), watched TV, went to bed at 9:00pm.


Happy Birthday Daddy!

Well, it looks like our bundle of joy will most like come on Tj's birthday...NEXT WEDNESDAY. I'm not dialated at all and my cervix hasn't even started softening. She said it was "getting softer" but said the same thing last week. I'm not going to lie, I was depressed all weekend when nothing was happening and was really excited about my appointment today. I figured I would be really upset if I got no news but I'm actually fine. I've said it before but Dr. Sohaie is so good at what she does that she really makes me feel as if we are making the right decision by waiting.

Anyways, on to the good part. I lost a pound and my blood pressure was perfect. She did a sonogram and everything looked great. I have plenty of fluid and the baby looks happy and healthy. She said that since my cervix hasn't even started thinning, if we induced now, I would end up with a C-section. Inducing now would make for a long induction and put a lot of unnescarry stress on me and the baby. She said it would take a lot of medicine and a lot of time to get my cervix thinned and only then would we start the actual medicine to start labor. There is no need for the process to be that long if Mama and baby are both happy and healthy. And we are. :-)

The plan: I go again next Tuesday morning and she'll check me to see if anything has started. If it has, I go home and check in at the hospital Wednesday morning to start the Pitocin. If my cervix is still as "thick" as it was last week and today, I'll go to the hospital from there and she'll start the medicine to start thinning my cervix. Then we would start the Pitocin first thing Wednesday morning. This is exactly what she didn't want to do today but there is a point when it doesn't become safe anymore and inducing outweighs waiting. I guess next Tuesday is that point. Did I mention that is 10 days past my due date? Yes, 10 days.



This is the day Tj and I have been waiting for since our first appointment way back in October. Here I am, sitting on the couch at 7:30am, feeling fine and NOT in labor in any way. Tj and Dutchy are in bed, sound asleep like they have been all night. I had a very emotional day yesterday but think today will be better. I am just SO ready to meet our little baby. It seems like I've been waiting forever and now he/she is late. I guess the day isn't over yet but I'm not even crossing my fingers. I am having a lot of cramps and pressure in my lower abdomen but I think it is just that the baby is moving and out of room. I'll think, "Oh, is that a labor pain?" Then it's followed by a kick or a twist. I'll be sure to update as soon as something happens but until then, I'll continue my "last week" and update after my doctors appointment on Wednesday. Let's hope I don't make it that far.


"Some" is better than "None"

I had my 39 week appointment today and was hoping for some good news. I honestly thought I'd cry on my way out of the office if she said that nothing was happening but she is such a great doctor that I wasn't disappointed at all when I left. She really makes me feel like the baby will come when he/she is ready and there is no need to rush it if the mama and the baby are just fine. And we are. The health of the baby is the most important thing to me right now and if he/she isn't ready, I can wait another week or so. I honestly still feel really good. I don't think people believe me unless they see me everyday. I know Tj believes me and the girls at work believe me but everyone else is like, "Are you sure you are feeling okay?"

She checked me to see if I was dialated at all and I'm not. She did say that "things are getting softer". That made me feel better. I know that doesn't mean I'm anywhere near close but it does mean that my body is preparing for the baby and starting to take the steps towards a natural delivery. She measured me and I only measured 37 weeks. That worried her so she did a sonogram to see if my fluid was good. She was VERY pleased with the amount of fluid I have which to me means...watch out when my water breaks. Everything else looked great and she told me I was one of her favorite patients. She said she is really looking forward to my delivery. :-) I told her that I hope I'm still one of her favorite patients after I deliver and she told me she would forgive me and won't take anything I do or say in the delivery room personal. Haha. Thank goodness!


One Week Left

Just a side note. Documenting this last week is more for me than all of you. My life isn't that exciting. I just thought it'd be fun to look back at the final week(s) and remember how anxious I was and what all I did.

Sunday: No news so far. I've read 99% of people don't deliver on their due date. I assume most of those people deliver BEFORE their due date. Of course I couldn't be that lucky. Got up early, took a nap, went for a four-wheeler ride, cleaned the house (again), layed out, fixed dinner, laid down around 8:00pm. Having some cramps but they aren't close together at all.

Saturday: Hopefully tomorrow is D-day so I've planned my last Saturday to do whatever I want! I finished up the scrapbook, watched another movie, cleaned a little bit, layed out, and went to bed at 8:00pm.

Friday: Today didn't start off great but ended up okay. I got everything finished up at work because this is supposedly my last day! I highly, highly doubt it is but I feel good about how I left everything. Got home, made dinner, watched a movie, and went to bed early.

Thursday: Slept all night again Wednesday! I don't understand. I haven't been sleeping bad but I've peed every hour for the past 3 or 4 months. I'm drinking just as much water now and making it all night. God is good. He is letting me get as much sleep as I can this week because I won't be getting much after this, huh? I know that is what all the Mom's reading are saying. :-) Felt really good today, got a lot done at work. I'm really feeling that nesting instinct and want to get all my stuff done so I don't leave the girls stranded. I looked down around 3:30 and my ankle is softball size again. Guess I'm laying on the couch with my feet up all night. Dang. Haha.

Wednesday: Not a great day today. Not too bad but not real great. I guess that means it was "good". I had quite a bit of cramping and was really uncomfortable for some reason. My upper back was killing me. Went to the doctor and everything was fine. I left the office halfway through a bunch of projects so I am actually thankful I'll be back tomorrow to finish things up.

Tuesday: Finally got up because I couldn't sleep after Tj left. Feel really good today. No aches or pains. Maybe this is my spurt of energy before I deliver. Wishful thinking. Got home from work, made dinner, headed to bed at 7:30. Went to sleep around 8pm, woke up at 1am with lower back pain...hoped I was in labor. Went back to sleep until 6am and slept really, really good. It isn't often I get 5 hours of uninterrupted sleep.

Monday: Woke up still tired. Probably should've rested a little more yesterday. Made it to work and had a very productive day. Got home, made dinner, watched TV, worked in my flower beds, paid bills, went to bed at 9:00. Slept really good until Tj left at 4:00am. Don't come now little baby...we've gotta wait on Daddy!

Sunday: Felt good! Went to Joplin...went to the Babies R Us, went to the mall, Target, and Bed Bath and Beyond. Got home, went to Elk City Lake, sat outside and got some sun. Came home, finished up laundry, went to bed. Slept good but went to the bathroom 8 or 9 times.


Decisions, Decisions...

It is possibly my last weekend at home without the baby and I am torn about how to spend it. Part of me wants to go to Elk City Lake, go on the boat, and get some sun for the last time all summer and part of me wants to stay home and "nest". If I stay home, my plans are to organize Lindsey's maternity clothes to give back to her, work on my scrapbook, get my Dad and Tj and Father's Day card, wrap a couple presents, make a couple meals to freeze, clean, and nap. Or I could go be social with a bunch of people drinking beer, get some sun, and wish I wasn't 10 months pregnant and could join in on the fun. I think that might be torture. I guess I just answered my question.



I had my 38 week appointment today and was a little disappointed. I guess no news is good news but not when you are awaiting a baby! Dr. Sohaie was back and it was really good to see her. I thought I really liked Dr. Boise until I saw Dr. Sohaie. It was just nice to have that comfort level again. I guess the best news is that I lost 2 pounds! That is the first time I've heard that in awhile. They said that was normal. Other than that, everything was fine. I'm not dialated, my fluid is fine, my blood pressure is good, I measured just right, the sonogram looked great, my swelling was under control...and I actually feel good.

Sorry for the delay in posts but not much is happening at this point. I honestly feel okay this week and am just playing the waiting game.