Getting Uncomfortable

According to Wikipedia.com:

A baby shower is a party in which parents or expectant parents receive gifts for their newborn or expected child. By convention, a baby shower is intended to help parents get items that they need for their baby, such as baby clothes. It is a popular tradition in the United States and in other cultures, often influenced by American culture or media.

I guess that is hard concept for a three year old to grasp. Lindsey was holding Jill's baby at my shower and Braylee walked up and said, "See, I told you Chelse's baby was a girl." Lindsey said, "This isn't Chelse's baby." Braylee said, "Then who's baby is it?" You've gotta hear Braylee's tone to appreciate that whole story but it was so funny. Apparently Braylee doesn't quite understand what having a baby means. I mean, did she not think they would come to the hospital or wonder why no one told her it was a boy/girl? Or heck, wonder why no one told her I even had it? Haha.
Well, I'm 33 weeks and 4 day pregnant. Whew! That leaves only 6 short weeks until I deliver. The furniture came yesterday morning and we got the changing table/dresser put together last night. We are gonna work on the crib tonight. My Mom and the girls are coming over tomorrow to help me organize and make a spot for everything. I can't wait! I'll post pictures as soon as we get everything together.

I am finally starting to feel like I'm ready. I'm not sure if it's just because the furniture is here and almost put together and I actually have diapers/wipes and baby supplies, or if I'm just to that point in my pregnancy that I've waited long enough and I'm just ready to meet him/her. I can say the thought of delivering a few weeks ago scared the crap out of me. The thought of delivering now is joyful and exciting and I can't hardly think about anything else!!

I'm still feeling really good. I will say that this part of pregnancy is starting to suck but only the last week or so has been uncomfortable. I'm not miserable by any means. My hands/feet swell every once in awhile and I'm super tired. I'm still sleeping good (unless I start thinking about the baby when I get up to pee and then I get excited and can't go back to sleep). The main reason that I'm uncomfortable is because the baby has positioned itself up under my ribs. It's hard to take a deep breath and my posture is fantastic...only because I can't bend or slouch or I feel I'm squishing something. I thought I could explain all that better until I actually started typing. :-) The stuff I've read says that the baby should start dropping next week and that will take the pressure off of my lungs. The downside? It puts more pressure on your bladder. Can it really get worse? Guess I'm going to find out.


Baby Shower

First off, thank you so much to Lindsey for throwing my shower for me. Nothing could've been better. It was a beautiful day and everything went perfectly. I really appreciate everyone driving to Parsons. I got soooo much great stuff. I am trying to think of what else I need and the only thing I can think of is a bathtub. I also wanted to get a CD Player and a baby Mozart CD for the nursery which I'm going to use gift cards for. I got my first pack of diapers too! I think I'll buy the CD Player and spend the rest of the moo-lah on diapers and wipes. Thanks again everyone. I am blessed to have such great family and friends.

Isn't this the cutest cake you've ever seen?! Thanks Chelsea!

Jayci @ 20 Weeks and me @ 33 Weeks

Dutch has no idea what is going on. He just sat there and watched me organize the whole time.

Too much time on my hands!

We might have a problem...


Baby and Baby Belly

32 Weeks pregnant! I can't believe it. 8 months has flown by. It's funny cause whenever I was making my scrapbook I was reading back and I couldn't wait for the months to pass by. Well, that it has! That it has.

I've been getting cramps at night in my calves. I had a few of them here and there throughout my first and second trimesters but I've been having them a lot more frequently now. I could not get them stopped last night. It was horrible. I went to a friends baby shower last weekend who is due 20 days before me and it just proved to me that I have NO reason to complain. She still looked great and had the perfect little basketball belly but boy, she was big!! She said she's been miserable for about 2 weeks. I hope I stay feeling this good! Things would drastically have to go downhill before I would classify myself as miserable.

My doctors appointment went good yesterday. She did another sonogram and she remembered to print a picture for me. The head is on the right and the ribcage is on the left. It takes up the whole screen! I only gained 1 pound and my swelling and everything was normal. Two weeks ago the head was down on my left side and yesterday it was right under my belly button. It might still move but she said that was good progress that it was starting to drop into the birth canal.


Pregnancy Pictures

I think these speak for themselves.


It's on the way!

My big weekend is over and it was great! I had another "normal" day and enjoyed every second of it.

I don't have much to say about the pregnancy pictures. They went good and I feel like she probably got some good shots. I'm not sure how I'll feel about them so I'll just have to see them in person before I pass judgement. We took a family shot with Dutch that I am the most excited about. Tj was leaning against the post and I was sitting sideways with my belly showing with Dutch in the middle. Dutch just sat there and looked straight at the camera, enjoying ever second of it. It was really bright and really windy so I'm not sure how those will turn out but I'm anxious to see them. The photographer said she would email them to me the first of the week so I'll see what I think and maybe ask for permission to post some.

I don't know if I've mentioned it but my biggest complaint about pregnancy so far is my acne. I guess I've always been lucky and it's never been an issue. I supposedly use the "best skin-care products" available; wash, tone, and moisturize twice a day; and STILL wake up with two or three new spots a day. Then they scar and so on. DISGUSTING. That is the main reason I'm aprehensive about my pictures.

I woke up at my normal 6:30 Saturday morning so my eyes wouldn't be swolen for my pictures. Tj, on the other hand, got out of bed as she was pulling up the drive. :-) The pictures lasted about an hour and we headed to Kansas City. It took me all of 5 minutes to pick out my furniture. However, the stuff I wanted wasn't in stock. Decisions, decisions. Do I sacrifice getting what I actually want so I could take it home and have it ready for the shower? Or do I wait a week and get the good stuff. Using my better judgement, I went ahead and ordered it and it will be here on Tuesday, the 29th. Oh well. At least it's on it's way!

I have a doctors appointment tomorrow so if anything exciting happens, I'll post tonight.


Warning: Feet pictures

I was sitting at work today talking with Jennifer and my boss, had my legs crossed with one foot up on my other knee, was kinda holding it up there cause they don't cross that easily anymore, and realized that I don't have a ankle bone anymore!! It looks like I sprained my ankle. It is so swolen. They girls were cracking up because I was obviously distressed about it. (Obviously still am.) It's so strange. I can't wait for Tj to get home so I can show him. I'm sure he'll care. Haha.

Good thing my pregnancy pictures are in the morning so my feet won't be swolen yet! I hope...



These pictures crack me up. As I was skimming through pictures last night trying to find some to develop for my scrapbook, I came across this picture of me at 20 Weeks. I didn't end up posting it because I thought I looked fat. Haha. Instead, I went and changed into a different shirt and posted one of me in a grey shirt/black sweats. So tonight, I thought I would be brave and take a picture in the same outfit. I'm sure at 40 weeks, heck...even post baby, I'll wish I looked as I look right now at 31 weeks. Again, I think I look fat. Hindsight, huh?
Don't have much to say tonight and I'm anxious to get busy on my Baby Blog Scrapbook but have a few things I need to do first. This Saturday are my Pregnancy Pictures and then we are going baby furniture shopping. I can't wait! I don't know which I'm more excited for. I have Tj's Mom reserved to help me clean my house next week and Poppy reserved to help put together baby furniture. That leaves me to cook dinner, which I can handle.
Still not complaining! Feeling good for the most part! The baby is starting to lodge itself comfortably under my ribs. Apparently he/she is comfortable because it sure like to hang out there. Still sleeping well in between bathroom breaks and still feeling good at work. Can still bend over and pick stuff up off the floor and can still tie my shoes. Things are getting harder but I'm still not complaining!
31 Weeks

20 Weeks


First Contractions!

First off, let me start by saying that I know 3, yes THREE, people that are due around the first of May. One delivered yesterday and two are in labor right now. If the same situation would happen for me, that means I would deliver on May 15th - May 25th. To be honest, that scares the crap out of me. I've been reading a lot about labor and delivery and supposedly everything I'm feeling is normal. That makes me feel better because whether I like it or not, this is happening and it's happening soon. I can honestly say that I'm not nervous about the baby, bringing the baby home, or the joys of parenthood. I'm more than excited for that. I'm not even nervous about the fact that I have no nursery furniture and not a single pack of diapers. Heck, I don't even have a carseat. I guess I'm just having anxiety about the whole labor process and everything leading up to it. There are just so many questions and no answers. How will it happen, when will it happen, will I be able to deliver naturally, will I have to have an emergency C-section, will I labor in my lower back because of my surgeries and will I be able to have an epidural? What if my water breaks when I get out of the bathtub and Tj is stuck on a train 5 hours away? Who will I call? Who will take me to the hospital? Will the stupid railroad get a van there to get him or will I be by myself through some of this? Will my house be clean and ready for a new baby or will there be dirty dishes in the sink and laundry to do? (Because yes, that will bother me and yes, I know I'm weird. Thank God Tj is cleaner than I am and I have no doubt that he will make sure everything is done.) I guess as I start typing, I'm anxious because I like to have a plan and be in control and there is definately no controlling this.

Anyways, I felt my first contraction today. I went to Vinita and ate lunch with TJ and as I was driving home, I kept getting these strange cramps in my stomach. At first I thought it was the baby moving and kicking me in weird places but I couldn't quite figure it out because I know where it's head and it's feet are and it wasn't the same feeling or in the right spots. It was kinda like my whole belly tightening up for a few seconds and then relaxing....which duh, is a contraction. I'm embarrassed that I had like 3 of them before I figured it out. Haha. It was exciting. A couple other girls I know that are pregnant (heck, one just delivered) have been having Braxton Hicks contractions for awhile now and I haven't had any. I was jealous. Haha. Now...I know what they are talking about!!

I printed off my blog postings and got the pictures developed and started a scrapbook. This way the whole experience will be on paper for when this blogging stuff gets old and I quit. I took a couple pictures of a couple of the pages. Very plain and simple but at least it is done.


30 Weeks

Here are my 30 week pictures. I took a front shot because I think my face is starting to get fat. I will be 31 weeks on Sunday so I guess I can't complain a whole lot. Nothing too exciting going on. Might go to Tulsa this weekend and look for outfits to bring the baby home in. I'll be sure to post them if I do.


Good 'ol TJ

Chelse: I got to see the baby!!!

Tj: Oh yah, What was he doing?

Chelse: Just hanging out, I guess.

Tj: Oh, really?

Chelse: Yep.

That might be funnier in person but I could not stop laughing. He just asked me so non-chalant. I guess I don't know what his response should've been but I wasn't expecting that. Anyways, yes, I got to see the baby at my appointment today! My Mom and Sister went with me so they got to see too! It was head down, face up. The doctor said that it is unlikely that it will rotate from this point on. It's too big. She didn't measure but said it was average size. Not too big, not too small. Baby Center said that it is 16 inches long and 3 pounds this week so I assume that is probably close. It was strange because all you could see was the head on the screen. Last time we saw from the top of the head all the way down to the bottom of the spine in one shot. It is definately growing! Oh, and she didn't print a picture and said we would do another one next time so I can have one. Dangit...guess I'll get to see our little baby again! I am disapointed that I can't share it with you guys though.

She also said that I was doing great. My hands weren't swolen at all and she wasn't worried about preeclampsia at this point. They had received my file from my back surgeon and said it didn't say anything about delivering naturally or epidurals anywhere. At this point, Dr. Sohaie is still planning on a natural delivery but said she will leave it up to the anestisologist as to whether or not he felt comfortable giving me the epidural. GREAT! I need to get ahold of Jayci because she is the only person that I know that has done it without one. She's a tough girl! I'm not worried about it yet but am sure I will get somewhat anxious about that the closer it gets. The Dr. said that she is 99.9% sure that he will do it. :-S

After the appointment, we went to Wal-mart and I finished registering. That was a lot of fun. I can't wait until my shower!


30 Weeks

This picture really made my heart sink. THAT is inside of me! This is our baby at 30 weeks. I feel all the kicking and moving but it hasn't really occured to me what is actually in there. Wow.



Yesterday was such a beautiful day and it really brought a sense of normalcy back to my life for a few hours. I was kinda down last week and needed a pick me up. Tj is still working his "day job" but isn't getting home until around 9:00 or 9:30. Needless to day, as he walked in the door everynight, I headed to bed. I was kinda down about that because I didn't get to see him or eat dinner with him all week. He took the day off yesterday and we had a very normal Saturday. It started off with my favorite weekend ritual: Going to Breakfast! Then I cleaned house a little and he worked in the garage. I almost skipped the rest of the day because I was worried it was too dangerous with me being 7.5 months pregnant...but I didn't. We rounded up 5 of our friends and went and road four-wheelers all afternoon. It was so much fun. Some friends were camping at Parsons lake and we went and visited them. Then we rode to Lake Mickinley (sp?) and visited another group of friends that were having a hog roast. It was a lot of fun and was something that I could actually participate in and feel normal. Heck, I had on a hooded sweatshirt and you actually couldn't even tell I was pregnant. One of Tj's friends asked when we had the baby. Haha. I think that is a compliment? Then back to our house to cook steaks and watch KU. It was just a good day for me because last week I started worrying that heck...if I can't stay up past 9:00pm, can't hardly get up off the couch from a reclining position, and can't think about ANYTHING but the baby...what is life going to be like for the next 2.5 months? Boring and lonely! It might still get that way but at least I had a day of fun to start off the boring streak.

I do have some exciting things coming up, however. April 19th I have pregnancy pictures scheduled. I do not feel like a beautiful, glowing, curvy pregnant woman and do not know how I'm going to feel about these pictures. I found a photographer that is just starting out and is reasonably priced so I figured I could at least document it and put them in a drawer if I'm disgusted. I at least want a family picture with Tj and Dutchy and the picture of Tj's hands on my belly for the nursery but that might be all that I order. We'll see how they turn out and I might, just might give you the link to the girls website after she posts them.

Also, that same day, Tj is taking off for the pictures and then we are headed to KC to get nursery furniture. I hope that all works out and that it is set up and ready for my shower.

Speaking of my shower, it is April 26th. It is at 2:00pm at my house in Parsons for anyone that wants to come. Paper invitations went out this weekend (I think) and I also thought I would post an "online invitation" on my blog for anyone that wants to come that doesn't get a paper invitation. I think I got everyone invited but you know how that goes. It's always a wishy-washy situation of whether to invite and make people feel obligated or whether not-to-invite and then hurt peoples feelings. So I apologize if either of these applies to you. :-)

I have a friend that I used to work with at the bank that is 34 weeks pregnant. She went to the doctor last week and everything looked great. The baby was fully developed and ready to come out so they gave her the option to enduce at 36 weeks, if she wants! I want to switch doctors!!! Haha. That would leave me 6 weeks and move my due date up to May 15th. I can't tell you how nervous that makes me. I don't know if I'll ever feel ready but I definately don't feel like I am ready quite yet. Not even material things like oh, let's say...CRIB, DIAPERS, WIPES, BOTTLES, WASHRAGS, BATHTUB, LOTION of which we have NONE. The only things in this whole house for the baby is the rocking chair, a pack-n-play I got from Jennifer, Lindsey's baby clothes, and a newbown Boppy that Lindsey got me for Christmas. I don't think we would survive very long with a newborn baby on that. But I'm not ready emotionally either. It just doesn't feel like it's time yet. I am more than excited but the thought of all this actually happening still seems like 'o so far away. I'm curious, will I get to the point of feeling like I'm ready and not pure anxiety in the next 10 weeks? Or are you ever really ready?


Slowly but surely

I am slowly but surely entering "the miserable stage" of pregnancy. I'll be 30 weeks this weekend and am starting to actually feel 30 weeks pregnant. I can say that for most of my pregnancy, I haven't even felt pregnant...just a little chubby with some kicks and churns inside my belly. I've been really lucky except for my little bout with morning sickness which, in hindsight, wasn't that bad. Some of my normal clothes fit until around 20 weeks, I've still been able to shave, I was able to sleep like nothing had changed up until just a few weeks ago, I hadn't gained a tremendous amount of weight, my shoes still fit, I could still tie them, ect. However...as I'm entering my final couple months, all of those things are progressively getting harder. I have a couple "pre-weight watchers" pair of jeans that still fit but are pretty uncomfortable. None of my regular shirts still fit...even finding a night shirt is a task. (Note the shirt I'm wearing in this picture is a "regular" shirt but it isn't flattering) I'm still shaving every morning in the tub but it is getting somewhat harder to get in and out. I'm not sleeping for more than 2 hours at a time, my favorite boots no longer fit, and it hurts to tie my shoes or pick something up off the floor. If you are taking notes, don't think that I'm complaining just yet because I am still in good shape and feel good...I'm just saying that I can feel the onset of misery in the near future. :)

I will officially complain about my back. The pregnancy is definately starting to take a toll on it. I had my records transfered from my doctor at KU Med this week and my doctor and I are going to discuss them at my next appointment. I've been having a teeny-tiny amount of leg pain again (hence the reason for my first 3 surgeries) and am hoping that doesn't get worse. At this point, I'm just a little achey at the end of the day and need a good 30 minute rest flat on my back laying on the cement floor. HOWEVER, laying flat on your back cuts off blood flow to the baby and causes Ceberal Palsey (sp?) Therefore, it is highly recommended that you do not do so. Great, huh?

According to Parents.com:
For one thing, you may now notice more hip and lower-back pain. What gives? Pregnancy hormones are relaxing the ligaments and tendons throughout your pelvic area, so the bones can spread to make room for delivery. Your expanding uterus may also be putting some pressure on the sciatic nerves that run from your lower back down through your legs, triggering chronic tingling or numbness down your butt and thighs -- a condition called sciatica.

The kicks, twists, and turns have slowed down a tad bit and I've read it's because the baby is out of room. The baby is 15 inches long and weighs 2 pounds. The movement has moved up into my ribcage rather than below my bellybutton so I'm thinking things may've started shifting some. Maybe, just maybe, that'll take some pressure of my bladder? Wishful thinking.