A Good Nights Rest

I am longing for a good nights rest. Everyone keeps telling me, "Get your sleep now while you still can!" Yah right. I am not exagerrating when I tell you this at all. Thursday night (and almost every night) I went to the bathroom at 9:00pm when I went to bed, 11:00pm when Tj came to bed, 12:20am, 2:00am, 3:35am, 5:30am, and 6:30am when my alarm went off. Then again at 8:00am when I walked in the door to work. I never got more than 2 hours of sleep at a time. It's amazing how your body prepares you for having this baby.

I should've known better but I went to the lake yesterday with my Dad, Janis, Lindsey and Nathan. It was a lot of fun and I'm glad I went but I was exhausted. We walked off our plots that my Dad bought for us (thanks dad!) and taped everything off. I don't know who is reading this that has been to the lake with me but it's not just as easy as walking out the lots. It is very hilly down there and we were literally walking through the woods. My doctor told me last week to really use my "off" time for rest and relaxation and no extra activities. Good thing she isn't reading this. I got Tj and I's picked out though and am very excited. It was good to spend the day with my Dad. I haven't spent a lot of quality time with him lately. I think winter does that to people. When my sister and I were born, if we would've been boys my Dad got to pick the name. We would've been named Able. Thank God we weren't boys. However, now my Dad thinks that is the perfect name for my baby. He kept saying, "That's the perfect spot for you, Tj, and Abe." Then he said, "Yah, that isn't too far for Abe to walk up to Grandpa's trailor." Dad, dad, dad. Haha. Good thing we already have a boys name picked out. :-)

Two last quick notes: my glucose screening test came back fine last week. And I finally had my camera while Dutch was "mauling" my belly. I know I sound crazy...but he will not leave me alone. He lays like this all the time.


Doctor, Belly, and Nursery

I went to the doctor again today. Every time I go I like her more and more. She is so nice and takes so much time answering any questions and makes sure that I feel comfortable. I started off with my glucose screening test. I had been fooled into thinking I had to drink this horrible, horrible stuff but it was just like a mini bottle of orange pop. It wasn't bad at all. I guess they will call me this week if something shows up on that. Otherwise, I guess no news is good news. The doctor and I talked a little more about my back surgeries. I've started having some lower back pain and I'm not sure if it is normal or surgery related. The nurse told me that they had a patient similar to me and her pain got unbearable towards the end so they took her early and delivered C-section. She just wanted to make sure we were aware of that possibility and we will continue to wait things out. I'm not concerned and will cross that bridge when it gets here. It is becoming a little more real the closer I get and the doctor has mentioned it several times so it is in the back of my head. All we can do is wait and see. I also told her that I have been having some swelling. She felt my hands and feet and told me that I have the beginning stages of preeclampsia. I've read about that 15 times but still can't tell you what it is. I'm obviously not real concerned because I could google it right now and find out but haven't. Preeclampsia goes hand in hand with blood pressure and my blood pressure was fine so again...continue to wait. Also, I only gained 1/2 pound!! (Notice I haven't told how much I've gained every other time..haha) It sounds like I'm having lots of problems but I'm really feeling great. The doctor said I was in good shape and she isn't concerned about anything at this point. Our conversation was more informative than an actual real-case scenerio.

I took a belly picture but I'm really tired tonight and didn't feel like changing clothes and making sure it was a good one. What you see is what you get.

Nanny and Poppy came down last night and put together the rocker that Tj's friend Chad bought me. (Thanks Chad!) We also got the blind in and Poppy installed that. The room actually looks like a room now. We had a good night visiting and I really appreciate Poppy helping me. Hopefully we'll get our nursery furniture ordered soon. Tj is working 7 days a week so we haven't had a chance to get anywhere and get that ordered. Maybe he'll take a day off this weekend because ONLY 11 more weeks!!


3rd Trimester

Yesterday officially began my 3rd trimester. Only 12 more weeks to go. I am getting very, very excited. My friend Jill had her baby last week and I went and visited her on Saturday. I think that triggered lots of emotions because I haven't been able to stop thinking about the baby since. I had very crazy dreams last night. I kept getting mad at people and telling them that they couldn't see the baby. At some point in the dream I remember bawling and yelling at my sister. I can't remember what she did but to be honest, it probably wasn't much. I say this because (back to real life) Tj was laying on the couch yesterday watching me mop and the longer I mopped, the more mad I got at him for no reason. Haha. I was sweating profusely and was so angry at him...I guess because I was sweating and tired and somehow it was his fault. I don't know. Sorry babe.

Nothing else going on really. The baby is moving all day everyday but it seems like it has somewhat of a schedule. It is awake most of the day and must sleep in the evening. I don't notice it moving once I get home so I assume I rock it to sleep while I'm up and moving. I go to the doctor on Wednesday and have my glucose screening test. I'm anxious to get that over with. Hope everyone had a great Easter. I just couldn't stop thinking that next Easter our baby will be almost 1 year old!


27 Weeks

Why can't I just have a cute little basketball belly? I hate it! I tried to take some pictures of me from the front and deleted them all. I was going to show you guys my cute shirt that Kaylee got me for Christmas but it is not flattering at all. I remember when she gave it to me and we thought it looked so big! Ha. Nothing exciting to update really. The baby weighs 2 pounds now and is about 15 inches long. If it was born today it would survive without much help. That is a great milestone. Sunday starts the beginning of my 3rd trimester. Everything I've read sure makes me dread that. My biggest complaint so far is heartburn. Yesterday, I ate a Pop-Tart for breakfast...Chicken Salad Sandwich and Celery for lunch...a banana...and a Twice Baked Potato for dinner. What out of that would give me heartburn? Today is bad too but I ate chips for lunch and Mexican for dinner so I'm expecting it. I figured if I'm going to have it anyways, I myswell eat whatever I want. I'm also battling swelling, not sleeping very well, very frequent trips to the bathroom, and upper back pain. And to think I've only just begun this trimester! My glider came today and the blind for the nursery should be here this week. Hopefully I'll have some more nursery pictures soon!


Growing and Growing

18 Weeks

19 Weeks

21 Weeks

22 Weeks

23 Weeks

24 Weeks

26 Weeks



I guess we will start with my belly. It is growing so fast! The last picture I posted was 24 weeks and this is 26.5 weeks. I'm going to post all my prego pictures in a single post in a couple days so I can compare.

And for the nursery! I wish you could tell what color it actually is. It is so cute! I am very, very happy with our decision to go with the grey. I will take more pictures when we get our furniture and stuff and maybe that will do it more justice. I hung up a couple outfits and the boy/girl colors really go well with the room. If it's a boy, we will mostly do primary colors and if it's a girl, we will use pastel pinks and purples. I have bedding picked out for both but I'll spare you all the gory details for now. My doctors appointment went fine today. Nothing new at all. My blood pressure is fine, weight is fine, the baby's heartbeat is fine. I start going every two weeks now. I'll go at 28 weeks, 30 weeks, 32 weeks, 34 weeks, 36 weeks, 37 weeks, 38 weeks, 39 weeks, and then I'll deliver!! Where does all the time go?!


Missing In Action

Sorry I've been MIA. It's been over a week since I last updated. I don't feel like anything exciting is happening but I'm sure I'll change my mind when I start typing. I did forget to take a pregnancy picture last weekend which was part of the holdup on the blog updating. I kept thinking I would get around to it and I never did. However, I forgot to take a pregnant picture this weekend too. :-) I promise I will have one by Wednesday when I update after my doctor's appointment. Saturday, Lindsey and I went to Babies R Us in Kansas City and registered. I didn't put a whole lot of stuff on my registry there because most of our family and friends live in Chanute and Parsons and the closest Babies R Us is 2 hours away. They have lots of cute stuff though and it wasn't as overwhelming the second time around. I started my Wal-mart and Target registry online when I got home on Sunday but need to go to the actual stores and check some stuff out in person. I feel good about what I've found though and actually feel like we've got a handle on all this baby stuff. The most exciting thing is that the painter is coming tomorrow!! Not only will I have doctor news and belly pictures on Wednesday, I'll have nursery pictures too!! I bet you all just can't wait, huh?



First things first. I think the painter is coming the first of the week! I am so excited to get the room painted. However, there has been yet another change in the nursery. :( The bedding that I liked is backordered until the 1st of June. Figures. I figured if I was going to wait that long, I myswell wait 15 more days and order sex appropriate bedding. I like the neutral bedding that I found but I can honestly say there is tons more boy and girl bedding that I would rather have, if we just knew the sex. I think after the fact, I would be disapointed with neutral and wish I had some pink or blue. Lindsey also asked me what I was going to put on the walls with that bedding. Hmmmm. Glad she asked. We are still going to paint the room a khaki color and I have a couple different beddings picked out depening on what our little one turns out to be. Just for the record: Brecca wants it to be a girl but thinks it is a boy and likes the name we have picked out. Braylee wants a girl, thinks it is a girl, and is going to be highly disapointed if we don't name it Rose. They both want a girl because they don't want the baby to wrestle them like Brax (their little brother) does. Braylee said that "babies don't wrestle" and Brecca said that "the baby will grow up, duh Braylee." I attatched a couple before pictures of the nursery. Mom and I went to Babies R Us last weekend. Boy was that overwhelming. The store makes you feel like you need one of everything in it. Crib, bedding, dresser, changing table, baskets for changing table, pictures for the wall, mobile, lamp, books, rocking chair, pack-n-play, stroller, carseat, swing, baby bathtub, breast pump, diapers, clothing, burp rags, diaper bag...the list goes on! Thank god my sister has kids and I can borrow some of that stuff. There is just so much stuff you need/want and I haven't even started!! I know it will all come together, I just want everything now so I can stop worrying about it. Maybe the second trip back to the store won't be as overwhelming. Let's sure hope so.