24 Weeks

I'm not very chatty tonight but am overdue on a pregnancy picture. I can say that I'm starting to feel pregnant and not just fat. I have a feeling that things are about to start going downhill. I've been noticing that my hands are swelling after I eat something salty. I actually just had this revelation yesterday after I ate a pickle. Ha. My lower back has started hurting also. This might just be a fluke thing because of State Wrestling this past weekend. I did lots of driving and lots of sitting. Hopefully it goes aways but I'm doubtful. The heartburn is under control but I carry my bottle of Maalox with me in my purse. I've been being a little more careful about what I eat as well. I did look at some baby stuff this weekend but will update on that later. Reality TV is calling my name. :) Also, real quck. Congrats to Bubby who took 5 wrestlers to State and had 4 placers. A 2nd, 3rd, and two 5ths. Very impressive. Also, Poppy has pneumonia so please keep him in your prayers. (Aka my brother and my grandpa.)


Just some pictures...

All of Lindsey's boy and girl newborn outfits!

Dutch can't get enough of his Mama lately. He just follows me around everywhere!

Sound Asleep

23 Weeks


23 Weeks

I apologize for the delay. Another pregnant friend told me that nothing exciting happens after a certain point...and she was right! I had a doctors appointment on Wednesday and then did our grocery shopping. All this made me get home late and forget to take a picture of my belly. I know you are all just dying to see, too. Haha. I promise to do that on Sunday and then I'll be on track with my actual weeks. The doctors appointment went good. I have been having a lot of heartburn...to the point it making me sick. She told me to take Maalox and if that doesn't help, get some Pepcid. So far so good with the Maalox. This definately interferes with my craving for Hot Wings. :) The doctor also told me I would be a canidate for a C-section because of my back surgeries but she wouldn't know until closer to delivery. I'm not quite sure what to think of that. I'm not going to worry about it until closer to time. So far I don't have any lower back pressure. Lower back pain...yes, pressure...no. I think we have a boys name picked out but I don't think anyone is going to like it so we aren't telling. :) I told my brother and another good friend and they both gave me the thumbs up but I can tell you right now that my Mom and Grandma are going to have a fit. Haha. I just care too much about what people think and when I tell them, "We agreed on T___!" And their reaction is, "Oh. Um. That's cute." I worry no one is going to like it and I back out. It's our baby and I know I shouldn't care but I do and I don't think there is any changing that. No girl names that we love so far. I like Timmen and Tj likes Tilly but I've gotten too many negative reactions on Timmen so I'm scared. And Tilly is the perfect little girls name but I can't picture a professional adult named that. I just feel like we would scar her for life. Any ideas? If you haven't caught on, it has to start with a "T". Nothing new with the nursery. I am going to call the painter this weekend. I made the mistake of telling him, "No hurry..." and I haven't heard from him since. I guess I'm documenting this for our baby's sake so I'll go ahead and note this. Tj got a new job with the railroad for a couple months. He'll work 6am-6pm with Sunday and Monday off. I am SO excited that he'll be home every night!! I am nervous because I will have to cook dinner every night but no one in the real world feels sorry for me so I'll stop there. Haha. Tj is the conductor on the job and our friend is the Engineer. I asked him if his wife was excited and he said that was her first reaction too!! They both promised us they would take us out to dinner a few nights. We'll see. :)


I couldn't resist...

Geesh! I guess I'm growing but it doesn't look like baby belly to me. Note to self: Don't go on Weight Watchers for a year...almost make your goal weight...then decide to have a baby. It's depressing.
19 Weeks

23 Weeks


Getting Excited!

A wave of excitment has hit me since I started feeling the baby move and now it is about all I think about! The baby can hear me talk now so I am conscious of everything I say. It just makes it more fun to talk and sing knowing that our baby is learning my voice. Tj says it won't have any problem recognizing my voice. Apparently he thinks I talk a lot. :) As well as getting excited, I'm getting nervous too. I want to get everything in order and it seems like there is so much to do/buy! Swings, carseat, highchair, pack-n-play, stroller, bassinett, bedding, clothes, washrags...and I feel like I can't buy anything since I don't know the sex! I found a really cute carseat/stroller set online today that I'm hoping to get for my birthday. I think it is really neutral. Luckily, I'm not a pink/blue person anyway so even if we were having a girl, I wouldn't buy a pink carseat. We've found a painter to come paint the room and he should be getting ahold of me anytime. I will be happy when that is done. We've been discussing names but Tj and I are on total opposite ends of the spectrum with that. It should be interesting. :) My post is kinda random but I don't have anything of any importance to tell you. I've decided to change my belly pictures to Sunday nights because Sunday is the actual day that I go from 21 to 22 weeks...plus, all the laundry is done so I can have on the same outfit. :)