Goodbye 2007!

Man how a year changes a person. Last year at 2:00pm on New Years Eve we had already started drinking Bloody Mary's. This year I am working and it isn't even bothering me. When I get off, I am going grocery shopping and that about wraps up my night! Haha. We might go to Chanute but neither one of us are really jumping at the bit to make plans. I wouldn't mind going to dinner but I've called a few places and they are already full on reservations. As far as the pregnancy goes, things are really starting to progress. My belly is growing more and more every day and my clothes are shrinking faster than ever. I'm still squeezing by without maternity clothes but my time is limited. The bottom of my belly underneath my bellybutton is filling out and starting to get hard. I also have this blue line that I've read about from my bellybutton down. It's strange looking. We have also officially decided NOT to find out what we are having. I'm posting this only because I now feel like I'm held accountable not to find out since I've told everyone. I've finally started gaining weight but our baby is 5 inches long and I'm 17 weeks along so it's about time! I've gained 4 pounds since my last Weight Watchers weigh-in and I promise you I've been eating more than ever. I am going to try to take a belly picture tomorrow and if it is flattering then I will post it for you guys to see my growing belly. Hope everyone has a safe and happy new year.


The Joys of Pregnancy

Hello all. Hope you had a wonderful Christmas! Mine was great but I can't even begin to tell you how excited I am to have a little one next year! I just kept thinking about how different things will be next year with a little one scooting around. How fun! As far as pregnancy news goes, the fun has officially began. :) Only a few select outfits fit now and I seem to have started stretching because my belly ITCHES so bad. I called Dr. Sohaie today and am waiting on a call back from her. Not like normal itching...spots are starting to scab because I've been itching so much. I take the pumice stone in the tub every morning and itch until I can no longer feel my skin. Ha. I'm really hoping there is a solution other than lotion because I promise you, I'm using lotion and it isn't working. Second, I've slowly been getting heartburn but not enough to keep me from eating spicy things. Sunday I ate stuffed Jalapenos and Monday I ate hot wings. Ha. The heartburn was bad enough that I wished I hadn't of eaten those things and my doctor said I could only drink Maalox. Yuck. I'm finally giving in and am making a special trip to Wal-mart tonight to pick some up.


Bad News and More Bad News

Well, I went to the doctor on Friday...waited, checked in, weighed (the same!), went into the room, heard the heartbeat, and started waiting. Finally, the nurse came back in...the doctor had to go deliver a baby at the hospital. I won't lie, I was disapointed but I will be there one day soon and I know there will be anxious mom's-to-be waiting while Dr. Sohaie delivers my baby. So I decided not to wait and just to schedule for my next appointment. The nurse did listen for the baby's heartbeat though and all was well. There was a lot of noise in the background and she said that it was the baby moving. She said it was really active! Exciting! So no sonogram pictures until January 17th but that will be here before I know it. We officially have one month to decide if we are finding out the sex or not. Decisions, decisions. On to more bad news...I tried to do my first maternity clothes shopping this weekend. I looked at Target and hated everything so I quit. I really needed to get some stuff too but it's just all so ugly and big. Ha. I was able to find some more good stuff at Old Navy though. I don't think I could be luckier that big and baggy shirts are in style right now. :) I have it rationalized in my head that it won't be much longer until the baby is here. January 17th will be here soon because of Christmas and New Years keeping me busy. My next appointment will be February 17th, which is right after my birthday and Valentines day. That month always flys by. That puts me at my March 15th appointment which only leaves an April appointment and a May appointment. Haha. I guess what I'm trying to say is that time flies when you are having fun and we are still enjoying every second of this.


Amazing Photo

After seeing this picture, I can't wait until my sonogram on Friday. The last thing I read the baby is about the size of a lemon. I just can't believe it is that small yet so developed. I've started getting sick again the last four mornings but I think it probably has to do with lack of sleep and stress from work. Don't have much else to say but was excited to show this picture.


Growing Belly

It is almost time that I give in and take a picture of my growing belly. If I lived in a town with a mall, I would have some maternity clothes. But I don't so I'm still squeezing into my clothes that all just make me look fat. I promised myself as soon as I looked pregnant and not fat, I would start taking (and possibly posting) pictures of my belly for my scrapbook. It's about that time! I keep seeing girls that are just as far along as me, or farther, and aren't showing an ounce. And Lindsey wore a wedding dress at 5 months and you can't tell even if you try. But I'm monitoring my scale and I still haven't gained but a couple of pounds, so I know it's all baby and not just my sour cravings that are making my belly grow. :) I was 13 weeks yesterday, man how time flies. When I think of it in terms of months and June 15th, that is forever away. But in my own little mind I can rationalize it out to not be very much longer. Ha. I'll attatch some pictures I found of 13 weeks but they don't look much different than 12 weeks. I changed my appointment to next Friday rather than Wednesday so for all 3 of you that read daily and can't wait to see my sonogram, it'll be awhile longer. Ha.



Hey guys and gals. Well, I'm officially out of my first trimester. (I think. I'm 12 weeks - which doesn't make sense because if you are pregnant for 40 weeks, 13.5 weeks is 1/3 of the way...but I've always heard 12?) But yah, I'm 12.4 weeks and feeling great. Haven't had morning sickness in awhile but did catch a horrible cold last week. Went to bed at 6:30pm Friday and around 7:00pm on Saturday. Talk about a change in lifestyle. :) The only other pregnancy news is that I've been having some cravings lately. I thought it was just a weird coincedence but it hasn't stopped. It started with cranberry juice, then Warheads, sour gummies, and most recently, rainbow sherbert. I'd really like to go to Chanute soon because I've been craving Sour Jelly Belly's for a couple weeks now. Maybe I could convince someone to buy me some and mail them to me. :) Well, I guess that is all until Thursday when I'll update with some 13 week pictures. December 12th is my next appointment and she said she would do another sonogram. I'm getting anxious.