Fat but not pregnant

I'm going through that weird stage now where my clothes are starting not to fit but I don't look pregnant yet. Yuck. My pants that are "low-rise" still button but any that come up a little higher are very uncomfortable. This seems to have happened basically overnight. None of my pre-pregnancy shirts look good. They all seem to suction to my mid-section and make me look fat. Not pregnant. Last night we went to dinner and I wore jeans and a hooded sweatshirt. I felt so sloppy. Some good news, I weighed the smorning and have only gained 2 pounds since finding out we were pregnant. At one point I was eating like crazy and lost a couple pounds. I'll chalk those 2 pounds up to Thanksgiving and the thousands of extra calories I consumed...of course, cause I was eating for two. :) Tj promised me that he would take me to Good Will this weekend and buy me some new outfits. Haha. On the other hand, I've been feeling great. Haven't been sick in a couple weeks. A couple nights this week I've been completely exhausted and just felt yucky. It all made sense today when I woke up with a horrible cold and a sore throat. It could be worse. I'll take this over morning sickness any day.


Happy Turkey Day!!

Well, just wanted to do a quick update before the holiday. I'm feeling so much better. I haven't been sick since last Wednesday...knock on wood. Other than being a little tired, I feel great. Which I'm thankful for. I'm 11 weeks tomorrow and man is our baby growing! I can't believe these pictures. Have a great holiday everyone.


A Little Let Down

I must admit, I was a little let down. I was expecting to see fingers and toes and I can barely even make out a head. Haha. If you look in the top Right corner, it shows you the direction that the baby is sitting. I honestly don't know whether that big thing is it's head or if the whole thing is that little blob underneath that big circle thing. And I was there! I go back in 4 weeks and she said that those would be a lot better. Then she'll do another one at 18 weeks to find out the sex. We still haven't decided whether we are going to find out or not. Our "nursery" is green right now...grass green, I guess. Green and hot pink are really cute for a girl and Lindsey's playroom is really cute and it is green with primary colored blocks painted for a boy. My biggest reasoning to find out is for the nursery but since the wall is somewhat neutral right now, that might not be an issue if I can come up with two cute ideas. I'm not going to do a baby blue or a pastel pink room anyways so I myswell just leave it green. Anyone want to take bets that in 10 weeks we know what we are having and the nursery is painted a color other than green? I'm still trying to be logical right now but I bet that passes as I get more excited.


1st Huskers Game

Well, we hit a milestone this weekend. Yep, our baby's first Huskers game. I took some pictures for the scrapbook but I'm starting to think that may be a little proactive. What do ya think? I looked for a Future Husker Fan shirt with an arrow pointing towards my belly but I couldn't find one. It was a LONG weekend but a lot of fun. Last week was another hard week. I'm getting sick about every morning but I know it could be worse. As for now, it's 6:30 and I'm honestly contemplating going to bed. I have a doctors appointment this Wednesday so hopefully I'll have some sonogram pictures for you. Thanks for reading!



I just wanted to say thanks to Kinzi for these books! They are just too cute! And I promise, it couldn't have came at a better time. This was my first real test of not being able to drink after finding out we were pregnant. Not as if it were a question as to whether I would or not, of course I wouldn't. But this was the first time that everyone else around me has been partaking in the festivities and I haven't been able too. Friday night we went to dinner and Tj and his friend ordered a couple drinks. I was fine until after dinner when I was ready to go. The server asked if we needed anything else...I was expecting a "Nope!" but instead got, "Yah, we'll have another round." Haha. I got my book just in time for Saturday's big road rally and believe me, I needed the words of encouragement. Monica told me that it would get easier after the first few months and I would just look at everyone else and think, "They are all going to be hungover tomorrow and I'm going to feel great." At this point though, as I was watching everyone else...I was thinking, "They are having way more fun than me and I bet I'm sicker than any of them in the morning." Haha. All in all, it was a great weekend. Only a couple bouts of morning sickness and a whole lot of fun. Thanks again, Kinz.


8 Weeks

To be honest, I have no idea how many weeks I am. According to Parents.com and most importantly, Jill and Lindsey...I'm 9 weeks. :) But according to my first doctors appointment and this blog, I'm 8 weeks. Let's see, first...how am I doing. VERY BAD. Yesterday was the worst day yet. I made it to work for about 30 minutes and went home sick. I called my doctor and she told me to take Vitamin B6 and Ginger Root and it actually seemed to help. I felt better today until I took my prenantal vitamin and now I feel yucky. But it is a "doable" yucky. I hope this weekend goes better because I'm really looking forward to it. Second, a funny story. Lindsey showed Braylee the pictures from my last post and she said that Braylee started cracking up and said, "Chelse's baby has a tail!" I guess my dad showed up shortly after that and she told him that my baby has a tail too. Haha. So cute, Braylee, so cute.