Should've Knocked on Wood

Well, I'm afraid the rollercoaster ride begins here. The end of last week was perfect and the beginning of this week miserable. TJ was gone Sunday and I was able to sleep until noon. I woke up several times throughout the morning and felt sick so I just closed my eyes and fell back asleep. At noon I woke up and went from bed to the couch and laid there until I went back to bed. Haha. Isn't that what Sunday's are for? Anyways, I was able to put my first "Morning Sickness" sticker on my Pregnancy Calender this morning and literally wore my pajamas to work. If I would've had 4 stickers I would've put 4 stickers on today but unfortunately it only came with one. :) Maybe tomorow will be a better day. I'd also like to thank Nanny and Poppy and Lindsey for my first baby gifts. I really like them both.


I feel good!!

Wow, only 7 weeks and look at our baby! I can't believe how all this works. Our baby is less than a half inch long and already has fingers and toes. These pictures are amazing. I've actually been feeling better these last couple days. Wednesday was really bad but yesterday and today I feel fine. 100% fine. Tj keeps laughing at me because when he is gone, I'm in bed at 7:30. Haha. Hopefully that'll fade soon and I'll get all my energy back. I'm looking forward to that. I am honestly loving every second of this whole process. I highly recommend it to everyone. Ha!


Battling the Scale

Please don't haggle me to much for writing this. I know, I know; this is a natural process of being pregnant. It's just SO hard to watch that scale creep up after trying so hard to make it go down for almost 8 months. It is just going to take some getting used to is all. I've basically been sticking to Weight Watchers the last few weeks but increasing my points by 6 a day. All the books that I've read said you only need an extra 300 calories a day while pregnant. You really aren't eating for two. :) So rather than just cereal for breakfast, I ate a couple pieces of toast with spray butter. Instead of getting diet Pepsi and a Sub with Mustard at Subway, I got a regular Sprite and Light Mayonaise to add a few points. I ate an apple and a banana for breakfast, rather than just an apple. You get the point. I've just barely been adding points here and there and I've gained almost 2 pounds. For those of you not on Weight Watchers, 2 pounds doesn't mean anything. But for those of us on the program, it is just SO VERY HARD to see.


Be Careful What You Wish For!

This weekend was the first of many firsts for Tj and I. It was a weekend full of nothing but rest and reading...which believe me, was the first weekend for that in a long time. I slept more than 13 hours both nights and enjoyed every moment of it. I started feeling a little nauseas Saturday morning but was okay because I was able just to lay around. However, that was a different story come 6:15am today when my alarm went off for work. I guess I should be careful what I wish for. I specifically remember saying that I wanted to be sick so I would "feel" pregnant. :) Oops. I take that back now.


Spreading the News!

Welcome to our babyblog. We are so excited to spread the news to our family and friends after a LONG 3 days of not telling anyone. Haha. So much for this whole waiting until I'm 12 weeks and ordering those cute little personalized M&M's. Maybe for my shower...uhm, hm. :) We had our first doctors appointment yesterday, October 17th. We've chosen Dr. Sohaei in Independence. She was recommended to us by a family friend who works for her and we were very impressed with our first visit. Well, because of the cramping I've been having she went ahead and did our first sonogram. I was expecting a momentus occasion but nope, all we saw was this black dot surrounded by lots of gooshy stuff. It was interesting but to be honest, I didn't feel a thing. We go back in 4 weeks and hopefully we'll see some fingers and toes!! So far I'm feeling good. I'm just really tired. Last week I was in bed by 7:30 three nights in a row. I thought I was just getting old. So keep your fingers crossed and let's just hope I continue to feel like this. Thanks for reading.